Main Features

E.g., 07/20/2019
E.g., 07/20/2019

In CDESK version 2.9 you will find many generational changes, whether its the user´s interface or functionality.

We also give you more new features regarding the CUSTOMER MONITOR, you will find them here.


Module CRMnew paid module – added new "TODO list" funciton allowing to create a clear list of duties and compliance with deadlines.

Module Vacations –  allowing operators to submit a vacation request, define your own types of requests and approval process.

Reservation system modulenew paid module  book any object in your database quickly and easily.

Interconnection with economic system  in new version we have added, to existing interconnection with POHODA, two new interconnections to economic softwares Money S4/S5 and ABRA G3. Its possible to connect customers adresses, invoicing and warehouse registry in your accounting software with CDESK.

Mobile Application allows full access to CDESK from your smart phone. If you are offline, the changes will be updated as soon as a device accesses the network.

Communicator with chat – new built-in chat client available on a separate website or directly as part of your CDESK account.

CMDB Module, new paid module – represents configurational database